by Fred Chuang

18" x 24"

One of my complete, early failures was resurrected by a soak in solvent.  The dark and teal circles remained after my cleaning.  Rather than continue erasing the original, I decided to build upon these remnants.  The "Inconsolable" in the title refers to the ghostlike qualities of these elements, plus the new, white square--like an abstraction of a family, the memory of a relationship.
One of the first times I showed this piece, a homeless man who had had an illustrious career in the "Industry" was drawn to it because of I Ching associations the images brought to him.  He said he was a sculptor, and gave me two, tiny, clay figures, and I gave him a print of the very first painting I ever sold to a stranger, Ecclesiarcs.  The exchange was memorable--at least for me.