by Fred Chuang

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40 Dragons
 15" x 15"
September 16, 2013

 Vol. VIII- Issue 3

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The Art of Fred Chuang


Dear Friends and Art Lovers:

I'm gearing up to take my work on the road again!

April in San Diego was very welcoming--and I am showing in just over a month in Beverly Hills at the Affaire in the Garden.  And come 2014, I'm heading back to ARIZONA~!

My newest work is shown at the top of this letter, and like the bumble bee painting I presented last time, it has flecks of holographic glitter in the wings which change color, depending on the angle from which they are viewed. In this case, the colors of the dragonflies are all from nail enamel. This first one was for my sister's 40th b'day--but I have another one on my work table, as I type! You're welcome to reserve it or wait till I bring it to a festival near you.

I intend to update my show schedule on my website today--so you can know where and when I'll be
in the coming months, as acceptances come my way. 2014 will still not have as many showings as I did several years ago, but I'm starting to build again.

Changing subjects, if you didn't get to see me in San Diego, you missed seeing the first-born of my new body of work, REVELATIONS, which incorporates the patterns of sub-atomic particle trails in the bubble chamber detectors. I have recently completed #VI. This new body of work is very significant to me--in so many ways.

Each work starts with the destruction of a previous work, using paint stripper which organically removes much of the pigment and "denatures" some of the back surface of the plastic panel I paint on. Through a series of repainting and re-stripping, I finally arrive at a new "background," populated by fields of "foam" into which I scribe the delicate lines, arcs, and spirals that draw inspiration from the sub-atomic particle trails. These lines are subsequently filled with nail polish and glitter to create the subtle scintillation and intense chroma that figuratively evokes the nature of "exotic" quarks, leptons, and such infinitesimals.

But that is just the description of how the work is made--you'll have to see it to truly appreciate the interplay of chaos and glyph, texture and shimmer, rawness and delicacy. The works are no longer the glossy, "squared" shapes you are familiar with. You can check out the digital representations on my website, and this video will give you some greater insight. Of course, I hope to show you the real thing, in person, soon.

Until then,


For the last six years, I have held my Open Studio in November--but because we're still in the middle of a major remodel of the homestead, I will not have it this year. I hope you all will be able to attend my OPEN STUDIO/HOUSE when the remodeling is finished!

:-) FTC


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